Worker Preparedness and Response to Bioterrorism. (posted 5/18/2003)
by Edward W. Cetaruk, M.D.
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Denver, Colorado


To be able to list biological agents that may be weaponized; To describe the process of weaponization; To develop an understanding of the bioterrorist threat; To be able to recognize a biological attack.

Several versions of the PowerPoint are available, all on the same CD-ROM from AOEC headquarters. Links below are posted here. (link to : "Powerpoint" on this page [Is this link necessary?])

A) Presenter Text-Core Slides Only, Word File (link to: CDC_Bioterrorism_Reference_Material.doc ) = 400K; Powerpoint (lin k to: Worker_Preparedness_&_Response_to_Bioterrorism.ppt ) =10 Mb Online View of PowerPoint (broken link )

B) Presenter Summary, Word File= 200K; Powerpoint=10 Mb

C) Complete, includes supplemental slides, Word File= 700K; Powerpoint=20 Mb

CDC Reference Material on Bioterrorism, (link to: CDC_Bioterrorism_Reference_Material.doc ) Word file=133K

Handout-One page information and resource guide , (link to: One_page_Handout_&_resource_guide.doc ) Word file=45k

Internet Resources on Bioterrorism , (link to: Internet_Resources.doc ) Word file=48k

Module User Memo-Read First , (link to: Read_First.doc ) Word file=29k

Questions for Participants , (link to: Questions_for_Participants.doc ) Word file=35k

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