Health Hazards of Solvents. (posted 7/27/2003)
by James E. Cone MD, MPH
and Karen Packard, RDH, MS


To provide an overview of occupational solvent exposure

To review potential health outcomes and public health prevention options.

To provide step by step approach to  diagnostic testing and treatment of solvent-related diseases

To provide background information on specific solvents

To illustrate the diverse effects of solvents through cases involving solvent toxicity

Several versions of the information are available, all on the same CD-ROM from AOEC headquarters. Links below are posted here. (link to : "Powerpoint" on this page [Is this link necessary?])

Whole text presentation:  Online View of PowerPoint (link to :

Powerpoint = 9.3 Mb (link to : Health_Hazards_of_Solvents.ppt)

Case Number 1 (PowerPoint) 7 Mb (link to: Solvent_Case_1.ppt )

Case Number 2 (PowerPoint) 197 K (link to: Solvent_Case_2.ppt )

Case Number 3 (PowerPoint) 770 K (link to: Solvent_Case_3.ppt )

Notes - Introduction Word file=57K (link to: Notes-Introduction.doc )

Notes-Case Studies, Word file=62K (link to: Notes-Case Studies.doc )

Solvents Bibliography, Word file=73K (link to: Solvents_Bibliography.doc )

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