Silica: The Deadly Dust (posted 10/18/2008)
By Karen B. Mulloy, DO, MSCH and Ken Silver, PhD
Occupational and Environmental Health; University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
Department of Environmental Health; East Tennessee State University


This teaching module is intended to provide a knowledge base and material for an individual to either further their own education, or to teach others, about silica and silicosis. In addition to the slide presentation and script, Silica: The Deadly Dust, this comprehensive module also includes A Walking Shadow A Case Study, which contains mini-lectures and handouts.

The educational module, Silica: The Deadly Dust, was created with the support of the AOEC and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) under Cooperative Agreement U60/CCU317613.

Use of this program must include acknowledgement of the authors and funding support. Cover photos courtesy of the Construction Safety Association of Ontario and NIOSH.

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