Cambridge Hospital
Occupational & Environmental Health Center
1493 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
Clinic Founded 1981

AOEC Contact
Rose Goldman MD, MPH
Phone: (617) 665-1580
Fax: (617) 665-1672

Clinic Description
The Occupational and Environmental Health Center (administrative site) is located at The Cambridge Health Alliance, a community-based teaching network of hospitals and clinical sites which are affiliated with the Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health.  The Occupational and Environmental Medicine clinical site is located at Assembly Square, 5 Middlesex Avenue, Somerville, MA 02145

Most Common Occupational Diagnoses
Lead and other Metal Poisoning, Solvent Toxicity, Work-related Asthma, Other Lung Problems, Indoor Air Quality Assessment, Repetitive Strain Injuries

Most Common Environmental Diagnoses
Lead and other metal exposures, indoor air complaints (mold).

General Services Provided
On site x-rays, laboratory testing, pulmonary function testing, and hearing testing; Diagnosis of occupational related disease, Diagnosis of environmental related disease, Treatment of cumulative trauma injuries, Screenings, Health and Safety Training, Workplace Evaluations, Independent Medical Exams, Treatment of lead poisoning, legal consultations

Specialized Services
Referrals for: Dermatology, Ergonomics, Psychiatric/psychological Assessment, rehabilitation services (occupational therapy, physical therapy) Neuro-psychological Testing

Non-routine Tests
Referral for XRF Testing

Rose H. Goldman, MD, MPH, Physician
Stefanos Kales, MD, MPH, Physician

Training Offered
Occupational Medicine Residents, Primary Care/Internal Medicine Residents, Preventive Medicine Residents, Medical Students

Areas of Significant Research/Interest
Lead and other metal Poisoning, Neurotoxicity, other chemical hazards; obstructive sleep apnea and transportation workers; firefighters; Biohazards/Biotechnology

Significant Affiliations
Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

The Occupational and Environmental Health Center clinical sessions are usually held on Thursdays

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Children's Hospital
Pediatric Environmental Health Center
300 Longwood Avenue, 5th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02115
Clinic Founded 1971

AOEC Contact
Alan Woolf, MD, MPH
Megan Sandel, MD
Phone: (617) 355-8177
Fax: (617) 738-0049
Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays from 9AM-Noon

Clinic Description
A full service multi-disciplinary clinic specializing in pediatric environmental health issues. Patients are most often self-referred or referred by their primary care providers or sub-specialists providing their care. More than 700 children and families are seen annually in the clinic. New appointments can usually be accommodated within 1-2 weeks of the request. The clinic also participates in follow-up care for children admitted to the in-patient environmental health service at Children’s Hospital, Boston.

Most Common Diagnosis
Childhood lead poisoning, Building-related illness, Home contamination: well water, nearby toxic waste sites, Autistic spectrum disorder-environmental assessment

General Services Provided
Community-Based Risk Assessment, Patient Assessment

Specialized Services
Allergy/Immunology, Pulmonary Function Testing, Other pediatric consultants, all sub-specialties

Health Educators
Suzanne Giroux

Training Offered
Training in pediatric environmental health is provided to more than fifty trainees (physicians in training) annually during one-month elective rotations. Clinic faculty also participates in training venues for medical students, as well as, health care workers in practice. The PEHSU also sponsors advances clinical fellowship training opportunities in pediatric environmental health for selected pediatricians.

Areas of Significant Research/Interest
Faculty are currently involved in many different research projects in pediatric environmental health, including the diagnosis and management of heavy metal poisoning, epidemiological issues and toxic-surveillance, and the neurological developmental, behavioral, and cognitive effects of environmental toxins.

Significant Affiliations
Regional Poison Control and Prevention System Serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Harvard School of Public Health, Channing Laboratory, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Program in Environmental Medicine, Division of General Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital, The Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Occupational and Environmental Health Network
5 Mount Royal Avenue
Marlborough, Massachusetts 01752
Clinic Founded 1995

AOEC Contact
Thomas Winters, MD, FACOEM, FACPM Chief, Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Phone: (617) 754-5800
Fax: (617) 754-6453
Alternate: Tanya Robinson, Office Manager,

Clinic Description
OEHN Delivers Premier Onsite Medical Director Leadership and program oversight for employee and occupational health departments across the country.  OEHN is supported by a team of Board Certified Occupational Health Physicians, program management staff, project managers and consultants.  Its network of thirteen hospital clinics and a local, regional and national network of occupational medicine resources provide organizations, hospitals, disability management providers and the government with a comprehensive portfolio of occupational medicine solutions..

Clinics include
New England Baptist Hospital Occupational Medicine Center
Clinic Founded: 1994
125 Parker Hill Ave Boston, MA 02120
Clinic Contact: Irene Anderson, RN
Phone: (617) 754-5500
Fax: (617) 754-6453
Note: General Orthopedics, Spine Surgeon and Hand Surgeons in clinic; physical & rehabilitation medicine and neurology

The Occupational Health Center - Quincy Hospital
114 White well Street, Quincy, MA
Clinic Contact: Christine Cadegan, Director
Phone: (617) 376-5705 FAX: (617) 376-5700
Note: : onsite PT, MD, RN services

Milton Hospital Occupational Health Services
Clinic Founded: 1991
99 Reedsdale Road Milton, MA 02186
Clinic Contact: Patricia Griffin
Phone: (617) 313-1681 Fax: (617) 313-1566
Note: onsite PT, MD, RN services

Most Common Diagnoses
Back Injuries, Strains/Sprains, Contusions, Lacerations, Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures, Heavy Metal Exposures, Chemical Exposures, Lab Animal Allergies, Burns, Minor Fractures, Repetitive Strain Injuries, Eye Injuries, Occupational Pulmonary Disease

General Services Provided
Diagnosis & treatment of occupational & Environmental injury/illness, Pre-placement and annual examinations, Medical Surveillance examinations and testing, DOT examinations, Substance abuse testing and MRO Services, Medical Consultation, Rehabilitation Services (PT, OT, Hand therapy), Health & Safety education and training, Screenings (PFT, Audiometry, Vision, EKG, etc., Respirator Fit Testing, Police, fire, municipal worker health & wellness, Immunizations, Industrial Hygiene workplace evaluations

Specialized Services
Consultation to Bio-Tech Industry, Orthopedic Consults, Ergonomic Services, Care/Disability Management, Employee Assistance Program, AED Training and Medical Director Services, Psychiatry/Psychology FFD Exams, On-site Medical, Nursing and PT Services, IME's, FCE's, Second Opinions, Vaccinia Immunization/Training, Travel Medicine

Staff (Management Service Organization)
Thomas H. Winters, MD, FACOEM, FACPM, Chief - Toxicology, Infectious Disease

Center Medical Directors and Physicians
Dieter Affeln, MD, MPH, Med Dir. Chelsea
Reid Boswell, MD, MPH, Med Dir. - Cambridge
Mehrdad Hamedani, MD- Boston
Lee Okurowski, MD, MPH, MBA, Med Dir.-N. Smithfield, RI
Walter Panis, MD (Neurology/physical & rehab medicine)- Clinical Director - Boston
Robert Voight MD, Med Dir.- Waltham

Orthopedic Specialists at New England Baptist Hospital Occupational Medicine Center
Alan S. Curtis, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon * (Clinic Hours in Waltham)
Louis Jenis MD, Spine Surgeon
Hervey Kimball III, MD- Hand Surgeon
Brian McKeon, MD- Orthopedic Surgeon
Glenn Ross, MD- Orthopedic Surgeon
Arnold Savenor, MD- Hand Surgeon
Geoffrey Van Flandern, MD- Orthopedic Surgeon

Other Network Clinicians
David Rosmarin, MD, Director of Psychiatry - network
Robert W. Mullaly, Ph.D., Psychologist- network
Industrial Hygiene- Consultant

EAP Counselors
Susan Bornstein, LICSW
Patrick Doyle, MSW
Donna Stetson, LMHC

PT/OT/Hand Therapy- in clinics

NPs and RNs
Jeanne Annese, RN, COHN-S, CCM- Milton
Donna Bowden, RN, COHN, CCM- Waltham
Rita Caputo, RN, COHN-S, CCM- Milton
Ligaya Castillo, NP- Boston
Erin Farnsworth, NP- onsite
Maria Gabriel, RN, COHN-S, CCM- Milton
June Gosselin-Wentworth, RN- Stoneham
Patricia Griffin, MSN, ANP- Milton
Virginia Gutierrez, BSN, RN- Onsite
Allison Jedson, RNP- N. Smithfield, RI
Jane Kelly RN- Chelsea
Rini Kester, NP-onsite
Ruth Landau, NP-onsite
Maureen Manning, NP- onsite
Pat Marshall, RN-C- Cambridge
Sandra McMath, ARNP-BC- Ayer
Mary Sudol, RN- Stoneham
Pamela Veith-Payton, RN- onsite
Joyce Welles, RN, ANP- Ayer

Marketing/Client Relations
Joe Flynn, COO

Training Offered
BBP Exposures, Hazmat, EAP program offers variety of wellness topics, and seminars on workplace violence, Ergonomics Training, basic CPR and ALS, AED Training. Training education available to network staff and occupational health community: Urine drug screen collection and Breath Alcohol Testing Training, Suturing Skills workshop. Educational programs for CME,CEUs, include: quarterly occupational & environmental medicine grand rounds and 2-day Lewis H. Millender MD Occupational Medicine Conference.

Serve as a clinical rotation site for the Harvard School of Public Health Occupational & Environmental Medicine Residency Program and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center primary care elective in occupational medicine.

Areas of Significant Research/Interest
Clinical Outcomes, Epidemiology- bio-hazard science, Worker stress, Infectious Disease, Toxicology, Vaccinia, Biological hazards, Reproductive outcomes in biotechnology

Significant Affiliations
Children's Hospital, Boston
Cape Cod Hospital, Hyannis, MA
Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA
Caritas Good Samaritan Medical Center, Brockton

Quincy Hospital, Quincy, MA
Caritas St. Anne's Hospital, Fall River, MA
New England Baptist Hospital, Boston, MA
Milton Hospital, Milton, MA
Landmark Medical Center, Woonsocket, RI
Rehabilitation Hospital of Rhode Island, N. Smithfield, RI
Nashoba Valley Regional Medical Center- Ayer, MA
Harvard School of Public Health Occupational & Environmental Medicine Residency Program

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