University of California-San Francisco
Occupational and Environmental Health Clinic
2330 Post Street, Suite 460
San Francisco, California 94115

Mailing Address
University of California San Francisco
1600 Divisidero Street, Box 1661
San Francisco, CA 94143-1661
Clinic Founded 1979

AOEC Contact
Robert Kosnik, MD, DIH, email
Phone: (415-885-7580)

Clinic Appointments
Phone: (415) 885-7580  (Clinic scheduler: Silvia Rodriguez)
Fax: (415) 771-4472

Clinic Description
The UCSF Occupational and Environmental Health Clinic draws its patient population from the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We perform evaluation and treatment of occupational and environmental injuries and diseases; consultation about work and environmental exposures and health effects for employers, unions, health care professionals, patients, and families; and medical-legal and disability examinations.  We are affiliated with the University of California San Francisco at Mount Zion Medical Center and San Francisco General Hospital.

Most Common Occupational Diagnoses
Asbestos Disease, Contact Dermatitis, Asthma, Lead Exposure, Cumulative Trauma Disorders, Solvent Exposures, Latex Allergy

Most Common Environmental Diagnoses
Pesticide Exposures, Indoor Air Pollution, Mold Allergies

General Services Provided
Diagnosis of occupational and environmental injury and illness, Medical-legal evaluations, Health Education, Industrial Hygiene Evaluations

Specialized Services
Fitness To Work Evaluations, Occupational Pulmonary Disease, Occupational and Environmental Toxicology, Heavy Metal Disease, Regulated Transportation Examinations, Repetitive Motion Injury, Ergonomic Evaluation, Case Management

Non-Routine Tests
Methacholine Challenge, Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing

John Balmes, MD, Physician
Paul Blanc, MD, MSPH, Physician
Timur Durrani, MD, MPH, MBA, physician
Michael Fischman, MD, MPH, Physician
Robert Harrison, MD, MPH, Physician
Robert Kosnik, MD, Physician
Mark Miller, MD, MPH
Jim Seward, MD, MPH, physician
Dennis Shusterman, MD, MPH, Physician

Erin Andersen, RN, MSN, OHNP, Clinic Manager
Patricia Quinlan, MPH, CIH, Industrial Hygienist

Training Offered
Residents, Community Physicians, Medical Students, Nurses, Industrial Hygiene Students, Public Health Students.

Areas of Significant Research/Interest
Pulmonary Disease, Air Pollution, Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders, Latex Allergy, Solvents, Infectious Diseases

Significant Affiliations
University of California, San Francisco, NIOSH-ERC Northern California, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health at UCSF, UC Berkeley, and UC Davis..

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University of California-Irvine
Occupational and Environmental Health Clinic
5201 California Avenue, Suite 100
Irvine, California 92617
Clinic Founded 1976

AOEC Contact
Ulrike Luderer, MD, PhD, MPH
Phone: 949-824-8641
Fax: 949-824-2345
Vickie Mercer, Administrator

Clinic Description
The University of California, Irvine Occupational and Environmental Health Clinic is a University-based clinic specializing in evaluation and treatment of occupational and environmental health conditions. It is the point of referral for clinical evaluation related to occupational and environmental exposures for the community in Southern California. In addition to its Irvine clinic, the Center operates a comprehensive occupational health clinic based at the UCI Medical Center in Orange, California. The clinic also functions as a regional Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit, providing consultations on children=s environmental health issues.

Most Common Occupational Diagnoses
Pesticide Exposure
Heavy Metal Exposure
Mold and Building Related Symptoms/Illnesses
Repetitive Motion Injuries

Environmental Diagnoses
Mold and other Building Related Symptoms/Illnesses
Contact Allergy

General Services Provided
Occupational and environmental disease consultation
Clinical toxicology consultation, (including biological monitoring assessment)
Hazard-based population screening programs
Medical surveillance: design and implementation
Pre-placement examinations programs, including fitness testing (cardiovascular, strength and flexibility)
Fitness for duty assessment
Qualified Medical Evaluations (QME)
Environmental allergy, asthma, and immunology consultation
Occupational and environmental professional educational development
Exposure assessment of indoor and other environments for chemical and microbial hazards
Industrial workplace site safety assessment

Specialized Services
Evaluation of Exposure to Mold in indoor environments
Respiratory Fit Assessment of Occupational Stress

Non-Routine Tests
Fitness Testing

Staff by Discipline and/or Name
Catherine Boomus, MD, MPH
M. Joseph Fedoruk, MD, DABT, CIH
Elliot Kornhauser, MD, MBA, MPH
Ulrike Luderer, MD, PhD, MPH
Wayne Chang, MD, MS
Scott Hardy, MD, MPH

Stephen Bondy, PhD
Robert F. Phalen, PhD

Exercise Physiology
Dale Steiss, M.Ed.

Jamale Case, RN, MSD, COHN-S

Laura Massena

Training Offered
Occupational Medicine Residents, Family Practice and Internal Medicine Residents, Graduate Toxicology Students, Graduate Environmental Health Science Students, Occupational Health Nurses

Areas of Significant Research/Interest
Work Organization and Workplace Psychosocial Stress
Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology
Neurological Effects of Lead or Pesticide Poisoning
Clinical Environmental Medicine, Structured Evaluations and Causation Assessment
Legal Aspects of Occupational and Environmental Health
Pulmonary and Inhalation Toxicology
Environmental Allergy and Immunology

Significant Affiliations
University of California at Irvine, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
University of California at Irvine, Medical Center
University of California at Irvine, Department of Medicine
Southern California Education and Research Center

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