Community Health Nursing Practicum

Sonoma State University
Rohnert Park, California

Instructor(s): Debella, Sandra
Subject area: Health / Medicine
Department: Nursing
Level: Undergraduate
Number of participants: Entire classroom (as individuals or groups)
Duration of exercise: Semester
Cost/equipment needed: Student access to community health activities
Learning objective: Build Community, Provide Multidisciplinary Thinking, Provide Real-World Experience
Teaching style: Active Learning, Out-of-class Activity

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Community health nursing/public health nursing is very committed to health care promotion, building healthy communities and recognizes the importance of the environment in these endeavors.

Nursing 405: Community Health Nursing Practicum

This clinical course is designed to be a synthesis of community based nursing and community/public health nursing with the goal of promoting and preserving the health of populations. The ability to prevent disease, maintain well being and promote health through organized community effort is derived from public health. This course also recognizes that community health practice is responsible to the community as client with services provided to individuals, families and groups to promote health and prevent disease. Students will apply knowledge and skills from nursing and public health sciences to expand their understanding of caring for a community's health. The community of southwest Santa Rosa will be focal point of this experience.

Course objectivesLearning ActivitiesClinical days: 8:30-5:00 Wednesday (other days by arrangement) January 28 through May 13, 1998, conference times 8:30-10 at the SWHC.

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