MCP Hahnemann University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Instructor(s): Bresnitz, Eddy A.; et al.
Subject area: Health / Medicine
Department: Medicine
Level: Undergraduate Medical, Graduate Medical
Cost/equipment needed: Computers, WWW access
Learning objective: Develop Individual Skills, Provide Information
Teaching style: Out-of-class Activity

Please note that the copyright for this course project is retained by the instructor.

"EnviroDx" is a multimedia, case-focused, computer-based learning program on environmentally-related diseases. "EnviroDx" has been developed by a multi-institutional team of content experts, instructional designers, graphic artists, multimedia producers, and programmers, directed by principal investigator Dr. Eddy Bresnitz at the Department of Community and Preventive Medicine at MCP Hahnemann University in Philadelphia.

The organizing metaphor for "EnviroDx" is an exploratory "virtual clinic" affiliated with a busy medical school. The program user takes the part of a practicing physician faced with a patient with an unknown disease or condition that is possibly caused by exposure to environmental factors. Upon completion of the program, the user should be familiar with:

For additional information: EnviroDx Homepage

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